Still Downloading Torrents?

Something to think about, those of my friends who are downloading movies via torrent.
Look, I’ll admit it, I download tv. Hey, it’s tv. There are millions upon millions of people glued to their sets (or pvrs/tivos) nightly, and advertising is footing the bill, so I generally am not feeling too guilty about it.

I will not download movies, though. As much as anything, I see it as shooting myself in my [residual] foot. I know, some may not see the distinction, but it’s there. For me, anyway. Yeah, I know, I’m also batshit crazy, so…

Anyway… tonight I was listening to John August’s ( and Craig Mazin’s ( podcast, Scriptnotes, and Craig made this point regarding piracy and its most common defensive argument by those doing the downloading:

‘For piracy, I don’t know where the solution is to this stuff. The problem is so enormous, and it may end up actually killing things.
I can’t tell…Because I keep saying to people that are like, “Whoa, look what happened to the music business. The artists are in control now.” I’m like, “That’s great.” It literally costs $12 to record a perfectly good-sounding song. Anyone can do that.
The recording industry actually was propping up this massive shell of nonsense. [But] It does in fact cost a ton of money to make a big studio production.
If you want to see those movies, unfortunately, we have to get rid of this piracy, because those two things can’t occupy the same space. So I don’t know what’s going to happen.’

Moreover, as few as two, maybe three people can be all it takes to put out a song. Whereas the smallest number involved in making a film, including post, would be somewhere around 25, but up to 1,000 or even more, depending on the visual effects and the size of the cast and background actors. That’s a lot of people depending on that movie making money so that there’s money in the studio coffers for the next one.

Something to think about.


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